Written examinations do serve the important purpose of testing what a child has learnt through the year. Nevertheless, at Kapol Vidyanidhi International School, we also stress on behavior, attendance and class performance. We ensure that final exam at the end of year alone does not become the deciding factor for judging the child’s whole year academic and non-academic performance. Therefore, we follow the system of averages that takes into consideration a child’s performance through the year and gives as much weight age to internal assessments as well as half yearly examinations.

Examination schedule:

Std I to STD VIII - (Two Semester pattern)

Std IX and Std X - (Three Semester pattern)

Examination Pattern:


  Examination Pattern


  Continual Assessment through Observation

Std I to IV

  Continual Evaluation based on Grading system

 Std V to VIII 

  Marking Scheme for Unit Test is –25marks written paper

  Marking Scheme for Semester Examination is –
  80 marks written paper and 20 marks Internal Assessment. 

Std IX

  Three Unit Assessment, Three Terminal Examination

Std X

  Two Unit Tests, One Terminal Examination, One Pre-prelim 

Examination timetable: std: X - February, 2018-2019

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