Recommendations to Parents

1. Any enquiry regarding academic achievements or behavior of the child or regarding any other matter may be addressed to the class Teacher/Subject Teacher.

2. All correspondence should be carried out through the school office. When writing to the school regarding their child, parents should clearly mention the name, the standard and the division in which the pupil is studying.

3. The parent’s signature in the diary would indicate that the rules and remarks entered by the school authorities have been noted.

4. Parents and guardians to refrain from giving a large amount of cash as pocket money to their children as we wish to inculcate the habit of thrift among the children.

5. Parents and guardians are reminded that without their help and co-operation, much improvement can not be expected to mould the child’s character in the school. They are, therefore, earnestly requested to encourage regularity and discipline, to see that their children do their practice work/home work and attend school in proper uniform with all books required for the day’s work.

6. Parents must ensure they come to school decently dressed, and that they are polite and courteous when interacting with staff in the school, staff at reception and security. Please co-operate with them. Any misbehavior on part of the part of the parent with the school authorities, teachers or security staff will be dealt severely. In extreme cases, such parents may be debarred from entry into the premises or for events.

7. Parents are also requested to: a. Sign the notes written by the teachers in the school diary. b. Write down their notes in the school diary for the information of the teacher. c. Go through the text books, note books, work sheets and answer papers of their children regularly. d. Go through the circulars sent from the school and record it the references.

8. All letters should be addressed to the principal written on a plain paper clearly mentioning the child’s name, std. and section. The letter should be put into an envelope and handed over to the office.

9. Parents and guardians are not allowed to see pupil or seek interview with teachers during class hours without prior appointment.

10. Books and other property must bear the child’s Name, Std. and Section.

11. Parents are advised to discourage their children from bringing expensive articles to school.

12. Tape recorders, electronic games, mobile phones, radio, iPod etc. should not be brought to school and are liable to be confiscated.

13. The school does not accept any responsibility for any loss of property.

14. Each student is responsible for his/her own belongings.

15. Attendance for Independence Day celebration & Republic Day Celebration is compulsory Annual Events such as Sports Day, Exhibition and Annual Day Celebration must be attended by the child.

16. PRE-PRIMARY SECTION : On Birthday’s the gift article to be given in the class should be sanctioned by the concerned authorities two days prior to the distribution without which the distribution will not be allowed.

17. On Birthday, only sweets are allowed to be distributed to staff and children alike(Only for Primary & secondary Section)

18. Any change in residential and/or office address and telephone number should be intimated to the school office in order to receive school SMS service smoothly.

19. a). Participation in all school activities is necessary and compulsory for all children. (b). Children are also required to take part in all Inter-School/State/National events and activities upon selection. Therefore parents are requested to encourage their children to participate as it helps in the overall development of the child’s personality.


21. Parents are cautioned against entering into any commercial activity with persons citing the school name. Teachers of the school are not permitted to give tuition to students of the school. Parents are requested to confirm with the school in case of doubt, and support the school authorities to prevent unethical practices by reporting the same.

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